Private Equity Redefined

We Invest in Companies

Using Debt and Equity with Strategic Value-Add from our Offshore operations.


We use debt to help companies finance inventory, receivables or partner buy-outs


We invest in growth companies using equity for minority or majority ownership of the company.


With all our investments, we leverage our offshore operations to streamline accounting, technology and marketing.


We provide a talented operating team and are not just financiers. We have operated companies managing hundreds of employees and 10's of millions of revenue.

Our Team

We are a group of individuals who love building companies.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach an investment.


  • Your Industry
  • Your Products
  • Your Team
  • Key Intellectual Property

Value Add

  • Our Experience
  • Our Team
  • Offshore Partnership
  • Our Capital


  • Diligence
  • Management Meetings
  • Legal Term Sheets
  • Final Closing

Our Investments

Please see some of our investment deals.

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